April Bingo Volunteers Needed

April Bingo Volunteers Needed

We desperately need 15 volunteers for our April Bingo. 

We currently are not receiving the income generated from monthly bingos, because we have no volunteers. This greatly impacts our ability to have community events and puts us at risk of losing our bingo space, unless we can provide volunteers for the monthly assigned bingo dates.

If everyone committed to volunteer for just one bingo per year, we would be in great shape.

Monday, April 15

5PM – Midnight

Castledowns Bingo Hall 12222-137 Ave

Additionally, if you have a child in a recognized sports program and are a current community league member, you can earn a $75 credit towards the sports registration for every bingo you work.

15 Volunteers Needed

Please respond by April 8

You save money by investing some of your time helping the community.

Supper is provided free of charge.