Community Safety

Definition of safe

adjective, saf·er, saf·est.

  1. free from harm or risk
    1. secure from threat of danger, harm, or loss
    2. successful at getting to a base in baseball without being put out
  2. affording safety or security from danger, risk, or difficulty
  3. obsoleteof mental or moral faculties 
    1. not threatening danger harmless:
    2. unlikely to produce controversy or contradiction
  4. not likely to take risks 
Merrian-Webster Dictionary

The Belvedere Community League, believes in partnerships and working together towards developing a safe place to live, work and play.  Strong relationships between neighbourhood, neighbours and organizations are key to the many safety issues including trust in police services, fire department and many different city departments, knowledge of rights, language barriers and diverse populations.

The Belvedere Neighbourhood believes in “…take deliberate actions to help make the neighbourhood feel safer for all community members.” and places a high importance on engaging residents (including those in all economic backgrounds, who are new immigrants and/or who are from diverse ethnic backgrounds), businesses and organizations in this process.  By building stronger relationships, we can better understand how we all play a part in making our neighbourhood safer.  An important part of this is to build awareness of the activities/events and identify many ways for the community to get involvement.  Encouraging residents to be more active in their neighbourhood will lead to developing a safer community for us all.

Prevention is the most powerful tool in the fight against crime and becomes even more effective when people in the community work together. Your efforts can help create a stronger sense of community and build a neighbourhood that’s pleasant and safe to live in.  Meet your neighbours, whether a house or an apartment, get each other’s contact information so that you can contact each other if something arises.  Discuss concerns about your neighbourhood, keep an eye on your neighbours homes and make the call regardless if it a crime in progress, fire or a medical emergency this helps everyone!

Belvedere Neighbourhood Watch


Learn more about the Belvedere Neighbourhood Watch, including how to join.

Make the Call


Download and keep on hand download and keep on useful contact references.

Safety News Posts

Upcoming Events

  • Crime Prevention Event

    In recognition of Alberta Crime Prevention Week

    this is open to all residents
    MAY 16, 2024
    6:30 P.M. – 8:30 P.M.
    Stop in anytime during these hours
    13223 – 62 STREET

    Crimes come in many different forms, so this is a chance to ask some of the many experts who will be present: questions, get information on how to prevent, how not to be part of these crimes or where you can go to get help

    Edmonton Police Service
    Edmonton Fire and Rescue
    Crime Stoppers – Edmonton
    City of Edmonton – Community Standards – Transit Peace Officers,
    Problem Property Officers
    Government of Alberta – Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction – Consumer and Corporate Education
    Government of Alberta – Apprenticeship and Industry Training – AIT officers
    Canadian Mental Health Association
    Servus Credit Union – Fraud Prevention
    Zebra Child and Youth Advocacy Centre
    Today Center
    The Mustard Seed – Mosaic Centre
    SAGE – Seniors Association
    Professional Locksmith Association of Alberta
    Belvedere Neighbourhood Watch Team

    Coffee and snacks will be provided
    Kids can attend with Adult Supervision

    If you have any questions contact Stella at