Fall Festival

Future Fall Festival events depend on a volunteer coming forward to plan and lead it and other volunteers to assist.

2019 Fall Festival needs volunteers in order for it to happen.  To go ahead with the Annual Fall Festival, we need a Festival Co-ordinator Volunteer by MAY 1st and the commitment of 20 volunteers to start planning this event.  Please contact us at the hall or on our contact us tab.

2017 Fall Festival Event Write-up link:  2017 PftP fall festival newsletter writeup

2016 Fall Festival Event Write-up link:   https://1drv.ms/w/s!AtBVBjB3ILlEjj7ZRq7bcqOiFgAX


Fall Festival website link:    http://www.belvederecommunityfallfestival.com/

Poster-BelvedereFallFestival2017         See Fall Festival website for pictures!